• Established, operating distribution channels

    Established, operating distribution channels

    Involving importers, wholesalers, retailers
  • Representation, communication, support

    Representation, communication, support

    Market development, marketing support, keeping in touch with the manufacturers
  • Product related professional advice

    Product related professional advice

    Assessing and satisfying design needs
  • Rapid response to ever changing needs

    Rapid response to ever changing needs

    Introduction of product lines and new designs to the Hungarian market
  • Exclusive representation of Spanish and Italian factories

    Exclusive representation of Spanish and Italian factories

    More than 15 years of experience in the service of our partners
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About us

S-Tile Hungary has been present in the Hungarian market as the exclusive distributor of various Italian and Spanish ceramic tile manufacturers for 15 years. Our goal is to increase market presence and develop stable and increasing turnover for the brands we represent. Our mission is to faithfully represent our manufacturers’ style and character and communicate new developments and also to assess and meet the demands of the Hungarian dealers and harmonize supply strategy accordingly.

We took the quality of services connected to distribution to the highest level. Our professional office helps our customers connect to the manufacturers.

We believe and have proved that there is always a way to develop even better solutions. We attune our service background to new products as quickly as our manufacturers come up with them. Each of our manufacturing partners use digital printing technology which considerably speeds up product development, therefore it is our primary task to flexibly expand our portfolio and increase product cycle time and longevity.

The growing demand experienced today makes it essential for us to continuously develop our services and IT solutions. During the crisis, the Hungarian market shrank below the critical 10 million square meters of annual sales, which means it dropped by half and brought along considerable rearrangement of market participants. Many well known importers and wholesalers fell victims of the crisis and the traditionally dominant Italian and Spanish products now have to endure offensives from virtually all surrounding countries.

Our goal is to build a clean, healthy and predictable market for the Spanish and Italian brands we represent, where all participants from the importer to the end consumer are satisfied. We believe that the centuries of experience, the outstanding quality and the up to date design that support the traditional Spanish and Italian tile production will maintain the top position of these products over those coming in from Eastern Europe and Asia.

Our most important developments is a strong logistical backbone, a factory repository we established in 2008 in preparation to the economic crisis we already felt coming. The warehouse jointly operated with the manufacturers entered the supply chain under the name CeraDepot as a new type of market participant. Since its establishment, CeraDepot’s smart services effectively support the relationship between manufacturers and retailers.

Our company continues to put all its efforts to achieve success in the future and develop new types of commercial solutions with the needs and interests of our customers in mind. In this spirit, we expand our product portfolio to include complete bathroom design services.